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Why are you here?" Henry asked, his eyes panning the burned-out factory. "I have a memory, it begins with a face, a kind face with a big eyebrows and a mustache. It is a man, he is bringing me to life. When our eyes meet he smiles and says, 'I will call you Redemption.' We are here together in this factory. It is all I remember of my beginning." The robot then tilted his head and looked deep into Mr. Christian's eyes, "Are memory and eternity somehow the same?"




The reviews are In. One young man wrote, TIN MAN is by far the best book I ever read! This coming of faith story, set in the inner city, explores the themes of faith, friends and family. A fast moving adventure where Jesus' love permeates every heartfelt word, Christopher DeCicco's novel is not only great for kids but it is a must for inner city church planters.

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What do you get when you cross AI (artificial inteligence) with the truth of God's Word? Come and meet Hy-Grade Electro, and all his friends. As Adults, children and a weapons grade robot grow-up into the fullness of Christ.

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